Oil Candles

Kerry Candles is internationally recognised as the leader in liquid candles. No other manufacturer can match our standards for safety, cleanliness and cost savings. That’s why more than 15,000 churches worldwide are lighting their way with Kerry Candles.

Exceptional Safety
Two of the most important safety features of Kerry Candles are the Wick and our natural, liquid KerryLight. After years of testing, Kerry Candles has developed the fibreglass QuikWick, which is specially designed to burn only the liquid and not the wick. Our natural liquid KerryLight is Quad-Filtered for purity, safety and complete cleanliness.

Superior Cleanliness
This has always been one of the most valued advantages of Kerry Oil Candles. Our oil candles are totally smokeless, odourless & completely drip free so there is no mess to your vestments, carpets, or linens. Refilling your candles is quick and clean. We also offer disposable cannisters of oil.

Substantial Cost Savings
Kerry Oil Candles pay for themselves many times over. Our candle shells never melt down and burn efficiently with absolutely no waste. You will also save time and money by eliminating the need for clean-up. As a Kerry customer, you will also benefit from the convenience and savings of doing business directly with the manufacturer, assuring low costs and immediate service.

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